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Rough layouts for the new market map.


It’s Friday afternoon and home time is fast approaching but I thought I’d quickly just post what I’ve been working on over the last few days as it involves maps and maps are cool. The newly pimped monthly markets in Frome are looking for a map for visitors to locate what they need and all […]

Chessington Hotel Sign

Chessington Hotel Sign

This is another speculative piece that was based on a design not done by me but one that I thought had real potential. I worked up a much richer, illustrative piece that hopefully captured the two clear elements of the sign. This is still a rough, the final designs will have a much tighter feel […]

Sign concept for new ride coming to Paultons Park.

Carousel Concept in Colour

This is a concept for a new carousel ride that’s going in at Paultons Park near Southampton. The idea was to take old style elements – font, swirls etc – and give them a contemporary colour job so hopefully it would really stand out. Not sure if we’re going to get the go ahead with […]

Pencil lettering for a new sign.

Circus Style

I’ve been working on some hand drawn type for a new client. I really love having the freedom to really get creative with typography and the shapes that are created. Might see this one made into a 3D sign as well. I’ll post up final artwork soon.

Jungle Kingdom early concept sketch

From the sketchbooks – Volume 1

I’ll be picking out random sketches and doodles from my many pads and posting them up here for you to nose through. There’s no theme behind them but I will add notes if I can remember what the thinking was behind them. This was an early concept sketch for the work I did on The […]