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Kick Ass Coffee

Bikes, coffee and art

This is a recent project for local coffee shop owner, photographer and hotrod nut, Chris Woodage. The bike in the image was one of Chris’ actual bikes and ‘Crocker & Woods’ is the name of his cafe situated on Cheap St Frome. There’s every possibility that these might be turned into t-shirts, so if you […]

Destination Antarctica

Tintin Inspired Poster

Local Engineer, Pippa Goldfinger, runs a monthly ‘Architecture Club’ here in Frome. This was the poster I produced for Hugh Broughton’s talk. He’s now got a few copies of the poster, one of which is in his son’s room who loves it apparently.


Flatpack Democracy Book Cover

I was recently asked by local author (amongst a very many other things) if I’d like to design the cover for his new book, ‘Flatpack Democracy’ which I was very pleased to be involved with. I was pleased with the end result and so were they. I really wanted it to stand out on the […]

Rough layouts for the new market map.


It’s Friday afternoon and home time is fast approaching but I thought I’d quickly just post what I’ve been working on over the last few days as it involves maps and maps are cool. The newly pimped monthly markets in Frome are looking for a map for visitors to locate what they need and all […]